When You Were Dancing Poem by Sadiqullah Khan

When You Were Dancing

Rating: 4.6

Her hands were holding the moon in firm grip
Like dreams she might not she knew one day
In dark of the night she will seek all life
Like God I peeped into the kitten's play
With a ball of wool the luminosity in her eyes
After a long sleep before the disorder would strike
A bit of creation from the God’s eye
The rain was heavy to wash the face of earth
From the fireworks and dried blood
When for shelter some children ran in fear
A rich man bought feelings with riches

The rape was not as fabulous
The aphrodisiacs all in the pouch
Were not used and in cozy environs
The souls were sold to protect the vitals
The distant peripheries for the strings
In puppet shows in the name of God
All streams were colored from the spring holy

When she moved her body fatale
My love like soul in silent whispers
In ethereal vapors and like the atoms
The astronomer says shall one day dissolve
For lack of the pull in the gravity
Behind closed doors now I shall not
When love is what for my restless soul yearns
I tried in vain but to look into the future
I need to forget my memory to get back
All was not love but still on my palms
And the many signs and lines that I draw
From star to star I still remain there
But alas in those rhythmic movements
When you were dancing under the moon
(To an unknown Palestinian Girl)

P.S There are three parts in this poem. The first is the innocence, then the carnage, then the dialogue, the grants of money, then the regret of the ‘aggressor” (second stanza) and at the end the future and the fate depicting glimpses of her beauty.

Sandra Fowler 20 January 2009

Very poignant. Your images paint a poem picture of a woman fragile, beautiful and helpless to control her fate. She still dances in the landscapes of your mind. Warm regards, Sandra

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Estrella Baldemosa 21 January 2009

I could sense that there is sexual enslavement in this story...poem well done

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Ency Bearis 21 January 2009

powerful write of fantasy well narrated..with heart rending story...

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Miriam Maia Padua 21 January 2009

describes all aspect in your piece...beautifully..... enough for us to be carried by your strong but lovely words her picture is so vivid in your lines...she dances gracefully... greatly written..with a touch of maturity...10++++++

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Greenwolfe 1962 21 January 2009

A haunting read and a powerful write. Surely a mesmerizing sight. Well constructed. A lot to digest. Perhaps, a little too vague but still worthy. GW62

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Muhammad Ali 31 January 2009

simply the heart touching art! Admireable

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Andrew mark Wilkinson 22 January 2009

Um are we talking about the girl here, or the land of Palestine both are quite well done... Andy 10

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Bonnie Collins 22 January 2009

This is absoulty a very good write, and written with much thought... Each and every stanza... Enjoyed this, and I dont usually like to read long poetry, never did, but this i enjoyed... Bonnie

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Dr.subhendu Kar 21 January 2009

most meliflous piece where excellence of theme parades superbly with vibration that whispers to flow, wrought ingeniously by lucidity of depiction yet with imagery, well penned,10++++, thanks for sharing

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Catrina Heart 21 January 2009

Amazing poetic stanzas......beautiful lines in a thought provoking pieces....10

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