Australia (Acrostic) Poem by Milica Franchi De Luri

Australia (Acrostic)

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Aborigines lived here for forty thousand years
Under the starry sky's, they lived off the land.
Storms, droughts and fires
Throughout the millenniums
Ravished the land, but they survived.
According to their culture
Loyal to the land they remained
Ignoring all the ill they endured from the white
Aborigines have not yet lost the fight

Philip Winchester 03 October 2009

Your Acrostic Verse is all it needs to be, in content to recognise the True owners of the Land. I hope one day that I can live once more, Beneath the Southern Cross and all that it stands for. Thanks I love acrostic verse, it opens the mind and triggers naturally the whole of the next sentence, like walking one step at a time one line two line three line four... Ps note two minor tripps in the first two lines I care to tell you as a Friend and nothing more, But Thank you for your own comments to my humble verse. I feed upon a little praise from time to time, No EGO, , , or perhaps a little. A good Poet cannot have an EGO...he would die waiting for a little Praise. Kind Regards Philip

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Raj Arumugam 05 September 2009

I've just watched a documentary series entitled The First Australians...I got the series from the public library...Do watch the series if you haven't already; I'm sure you can borrow it in Canberra... We need more poems like that and about Australia....

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Nikunj Sharma 01 September 2009

this is really a good one.........i liked it.

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