Autumn's Winds Do Tumble Poem by Paul Amrod

Autumn's Winds Do Tumble

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From the northwest gusts a robust gale spawning waves
across our lake in a beatific pattern consistent und unvaried.
Depicting a natural vision of spontaneity pleasantly carried
inspiriting one's fancy as our perceptibility indescribably craves.
Stirring the fallen leaves to rustle directionlessly driven
as flocks of birds begin their southern flights into oblivion.
The summer heat has transformed leaving only reverie
of the steam rising as the relentless sun kept beaming.
Greeting the grayer skies as the squirrels do scurry
collecting their winter's nourishment as caterpillar's
disguise themselves beneath a cocoon seeming
to be hibernating like the grizzly in slumber yet much stiller.
The maple tree gloriously displays, after the first frost,
its orange and yellows while the goblins have no worry.
The autumn's winds will whip with a torrential rain
as the oak and linden tree's foliage do rapidly tumble.
An intermezzo is improvised as Mother Nature's refrain
rings through the evergreens as they moan and mumble.
The howling whistles through the branches and we ascertain
the totality of Autumn's transformation into winter.
We build a cushion for the children to enjoy the fallen leaves
as they spring into the gathered pile hoping not to stumble.
Deciding to organize a team for touch football with a sprinter
who would charge through the tacklers without trouble.
Throwing the oval pigskin is a tradition we will maintain
as the colorful landscape is a backdrop when we do retrieve.
Hiking through the mountainous higher ground contains
revelations and perspectives for an adventurous rendezvous.
Ignoring a sense of vertigo we surely assist to achieve
an emancipation of spirit as we savor the mountain's dew.
Glimmering in the Libra Sun as we most gently engrain
an affirmative attitude toward the thoughts we do construe.
The twilight takes on an appealing alternative atmosphere
which tantalizes our imagination as we contently remain
the Demeter Queen's subjects as we hear a Schubert impromptu
gliding into our ears blending with our autumnal frontier.
We stroll through the hinterland as we brush the residue
aside which upon my shoulder did amazingly appear.
The moon rises slowly to its winter summit as we view
the Dolphin as it dances next to the Eagle with a charioteer.
Mellowing our temperament as we most modestly conceive
for the Halloween spooks and gags a creative paraphernalia.
The harvest brings abundance as this incredible mast year
offered prosperity galore bringing Ceres with a cornucopia.
Resting like a Bruegel peasant we most joyously receive
gratefulness for our complacency and phantasmagoria.
The winds have brought the rippling waters which weave
through my senses with a soothing motion I do revere.
Let the multicolored scenery bring you joy and euphoria
as we await a comfortable coziness our chills to relieve.

Saturday, September 29, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: autumn,nature
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Paul Amrod

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