Bad Student Poem by diana rose tolentino

Bad Student

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The heat is rising,
So is the boredom.
Head-breaking noises
Cutting through my brain.
My eyes are closing.
Sleepy head yawning.
Cannot understand anything
That the teacher is saying.
Laying back on my chair
Slowly nodding my head.
Pretending to listen.
But on the back of my mind
I'm waiting for the bell to ring.

Sunday, September 4, 2011
Topic(s) of this poem: student
Dr Antony Theodore 21 June 2017

Head-breaking noises Cutting through my brain. yawning, Pretending to listen. the real situation of a student.... you are portraying. but those who could bear those boring moments have achieved a l ot in life. do not forget it......... very nice poem. very realistic in your thoughts. tony

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Bri Edwards 24 April 2017

Laying back on my chair.......even i get confused sometimes with using a form of to lie vs. a form of to lay. i think Lying is the word to use here. i was not smart enough to be bored! the only time i recall being tired was the only night EVER in my life when i stayed up all night. it was in high school, preparing a writing assignment for my English class. my mom gave me a 'pill' to take to school to wake me up; it did, thank goodness. bri :) i would say at the back of my mind but i suppose there is nothing wrong with on the back. : )

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Nika Mcguin 24 February 2014

lol! this is funny, but real. I sometimes zone out like this when a lecture gets boring.

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Ency Bearis 26 September 2011

A good write of introspection and presented well in poetic rendition

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Aya Kishiko 05 September 2011

xD. nyahahaha relate mode.

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diana rose tolentino

diana rose tolentino

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