Winter In My Heart Poem by diana rose tolentino

Winter In My Heart

Rating: 4.5

The breeze that blows is the winter wind,
Freezing blood throughout my veins.
Instead of the warmth of your embrace,
I felt the shiver from your cold gaze.

As I look up at the midnight sky,
There is no single star that can be found.
As if they are hiding from my own sight
Or showing compassion for my broken heart

I felt the tears streaming from my eyes,
Perplexed by the emotions I kept inside.
Crying for the love I know I’ve found
The same love that’s gone before it began.

Saadat Tahir 29 September 2016

a poem drenched in wistful separation.... a painful realization of the harsh realities of unmet love liked

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Wilma De Guzman 12 August 2016

The same love that''s gone before it began. I like this line it pictures a love started but soon gone immediately!

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Queen Oneeightytwo 25 August 2011

I understand, as I've watched love sift through my open hand reaching out to him...Sending you Light and Love and Healing from Above! Wonderful write! : ]

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Ency Bearis 19 August 2011

great metaphor and profound poem, well penned

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Eric Cockrell 15 August 2011

that winter feels both cold and desolate... but has in it the beginnings of paint your emotions well. good poem!

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diana rose tolentino

diana rose tolentino

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