Ballad For Gloom Poem by Ezra Pound

Ballad For Gloom

Rating: 2.8

For God, our God is a gallant foe
That playeth behind the veil.

I have loved my God as a child at heart
That seeketh deep bosoms for rest,
I have loved my God as a maid to man—
But lo, this thing is best:

To love your God as a gallant foe that plays behind the veil;
To meet your God as the night winds meet beyond Arcturus' pale.

I have played with God for a woman,
I have staked with my God for truth,
I have lost to my God as a man, clear-eyed—
His dice be not of ruth.

For I am made as a naked blade,
But hear ye this thing in sooth:

Who loseth to God as man to man
Shall win at the turn of the game.
I have drawn my blade where the lightnings meet
But the ending is the same:
Who loseth to God as the sword blades lose
Shall win at the end of the game.

For God, our God is a gallant foe that playeth behind the veil.
Whom God deigns not to overthrow hath need of triple mail.

Mamunur Rahman Kayes 20 May 2021

like it much

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Sylvia Frances Chan 19 May 2021

Most deserving as The Modern Poem Of The Day.5 Stars for this amazing hymn

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Vidal Manners 15 January 2010

a moderately clever invertive meditation on the judeo-christian god concept. the language was strongly outmoded even in its time. i don't care for it, at all. of course i may be contextually put off by the vain, rambling fascist fool pound turned out to be.

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Ezra Pound

Ezra Pound

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