Laquory Jones

Balled Up Emotions - Poem by Laquory Jones

When Emotions begins to mix exploding
In a ball of subliminal tricks to the point
It sticks upon one's conscience the
Memories of nonsense pain grows at
A constant rate to regulate fresh through
The mind of veins I guess I think in vain
Every time my thoughts are slain with
Scattered remains how can I refrain from
Going insane I mean re-frame my mind of
Thoughts as the cycle begins the spinning
Webs excuse me ms. tourette meet
Dementia I'm on a date with inertia don't
Worry I'm not gonna hurt ya I'd rather give
you a piece of mind call me 'the thinking Picasso'
I struggle to keep my thoughts to a minimum
But they hit like titanium when they bear down
On the cranium each flinch of a vein is like a
Stain but what I say is mundane at least that's
What one will say ' the humanity ' thoughts be
Come like clay like in Pompeii people might
Listen to me one day but till then I'll keep my
Emotions sealed in oh when will this pain end
Maybe when I hit a dead end with thoughts
Covered in dead skin does this make me a
Coward geez while letting thoughts drip with
Ease but the strains increase because I
Suffer from Cow-ar-dice when I'm pow-er-less
Must be the constant stress in excess family
Is the strand you are to keep your fingers on
But what happens when they cut the ringers
Off but keeps the stingers on I've been stung
More than once too many times punished for
Their petty crimes that they wished were left
Behind not on rewind must be kept secret
When arguments are heavily heated arms
Of sweet embrace goes numb at the waist
As the coldest thumb it's like a frozen thump
When hearts becomes cold as ice met by its
Own demise no one sees the tears of my
Constant peers pain always comes in twos
So does that mean you will some day hurt
Me too the wind came and blew to the point
Hearts went blue but I'm not mad at you for
Speaking truth Does love still spew when
Things goes pew the moments together
Are instant heaven feelings become amazing
Hearts are what I'm chasing with a brazen
It's instant pleasure that I will forever treasure.


Topic(s) of this poem: emotions, love and art, love and life, thinking , thoughts

Form: Elegy

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Poem Submitted: Monday, November 23, 2015

Poem Edited: Monday, November 23, 2015

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