What I See Poem by Laquory Jones

What I See

Rating: 5.0

I've been getting frustrated modern times are becoming outdated
Tell me who ever worked for their dreams and achieved then lived
To regret it the steps of success forever embedded
While barriers and ceilings are being shredded I don't even get a
Mention on the list of who's the greatest I like to think of myself
As poetically gifted but lately I've felt as if the balance has shifted
Must be too many thoughts for me to pencil too much
Sizzle for me to even stencil visuals coming in forms of tinsels
Problems continuing to become extensive economy
Becoming expensive so I'm igniting candles perhaps
I'm too much to handle while I'm fending off these vandals

My aim is to be a poetic alchemist, an scientist, an chemist
Keeping the poetic lineage of being the greatest period
I've been taught to be imperial while granting gems of material
College taught us that the Gov't will be inferior to our pens and
Papers I've acknowledge that there will always be haters
But without them we would never get far because its those
Same people who help create what we are
Molding us into superstars helping us to raise the bar

I've blasted through the earth as if in some form of a miracle
Just when the earth needed me most putting the world in
Enlightenment putting society in hysterics people looking to
Me for guidance changing the world doesn't always have to be
Violent but we can't sit here in silence too many of us continue
To be silenced Modern poems of today has never been more
Alive and vibrant I have yet to reach my peak but what I
Feel from deep inside underneath is truly unique though at
Times the world is often bleak a better future is what I seek
But experiences can't be taught so give this all you have


Sunday, October 21, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: life,life and death
Edward Kofi Louis 05 November 2018

Experiences can't be taught! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Bernard F. Asuncion 21 October 2018

Such a great elegy, Laquory....10++++++++++++

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Resma Rosy 21 October 2018

What you see with deepness has greatness within.

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