Banning Books Poem by Randy McClave

Banning Books

So, in your Library I can't go and take a look
You are now going to ban that book,
And other books that are anything like it
Because, you are saying that they are all unfit.

So, I wander what books will you allow me to study
Maybe the ones about guns and white supremacy and is bloody,
This should really anger and perplex all of us
But, unsurprisingly it's all happening in Texas.

Maybe they banned my Bible, so I couldn't read yours
And maybe into my mind they don't want conflicting tours,
And maybe they banned the "Diary of Anne Frank" for the same reason
Maybe my belief and thoughts they're trying to season.

I wonder what books will they be banning next
Will it be the one's with the foreign text,
Or maybe it will the one's about our country's history
Maybe they want it to become a forgotten mystery.

What U.S state if any will be the next to follow
In what beliefs and thoughts and mud pit will their thinking wallow,
I wonder what next will be banned
And what belief and law will come from a politician's hand.

So, you're now telling me what I can or can't read
And unto your beliefs I must now believe and heed,
I wonder what is your next desire
Like the Nazis, are you going to burn those books in fire.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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