***barbarism In Pink City Again! ! ! Poem by Dr subhendu kar

***barbarism In Pink City Again! ! !

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I am really shocked to behold the pink city
Blood when flows near by the green field
From the ill fatted souls of their mother’s womb
Tear when turns red eyes yet steeped in sorrows

Serial blasts brutals as act against humanity
in this maddened world across the mankind
fire when burns the love in men innocent
blood when pierced into tearful sorrows
peace and care when waned by evil insane

should we still call them homosapiens, perhaps no
unwanted rogues resourced by their own ill design
society still seems wild by the doings of paranoia
yet we call upon justice knocking the door of divine

barbarism still plays by the laughter of wickedness
slanting across the door of terrorism when befuddled
as when wrought by the minds of ill born dunderheads
can we not classify them in between man and killer giant

still they seem to be more severe and wild by the death
even more dangerous than wild and insane of the jungles
the crown when worn by the heinous world of terrorism
the cruelty has already infiltrated to our blood

yet not the last massacre of trade centre or else where
that has not yet been blotted out from our mind,
still we remember that horrific moments by the death

the process of annihilation when starts
sun may disappear from east or west
man when counts his age by the void in darkness
heart still bleats and blurs by the hope against hope

and we condemns this domestic terrorism by monsters
God might be feeling pity for those Frankenstein
who never think of their own grave.hanging on their heads

I sill remember the inch cape rock against the storm
Ralf the Rover when embraced the deadly death
I still pray God never allows these heartless worms
to be here again or to grow some where
lest the tears may not fall again on this earth
in the furrows of remorse and sorrows as entwinned

Harish K. Thakur 24 May 2008

We have turned quite blunt to the horrendous acts being committed by merchants of death who dont have any religion but to kill. The poem nicely presents the pains and the heart rending experiences of the afected in Jaipur. It is but touching and makes you sink more into the state of gloom where we all are and pray for God for the wit to the mindless.

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Linda Ori 24 May 2008

Such desperation and destruction. If there is a God, how does this continue to happen? Makes you wonder if Evil is winning this war. We can only continue to pray for peace and not let this evildoing take us under. A powerful piece, written from the heart and soul of one who truly understands the implications of war and its consequences. My heart reaches out to you and your country, and every country affected by the devastation brought about by evilminded warmongers with no respect for the lives of others.

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Grace 08 January 2021

Satan is winning over mankind.

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Anjali Mandokhot 22 May 2008

i'll pray d wish in d last lines comes true.......it seems dats only wat we can do

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You have well brought out your protest against evil through your good poem. The poem touched my heart. Let me congratulate you for your good thinking and words. You deserves appreciation, Doctor.

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Broken Peaces 29 May 2008

Beautifully written these things need to be said and you have done eloquently and honestly brave ten my dear friend

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Rani Turton 29 May 2008

'Should we still call them homosapiens' is a debatable point. Thanks for this very relevant poem. Yes, to think that people who do things like this once were children...thanks Dr Subhendu.

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Katherine Wiley 26 May 2008

Dr.Kar-Your poem is beautiful, and fraught with deep meaning. I agree with it whole heartedly, and admire your courage in speaking out. kate

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Ivor Hogg 25 May 2008

insanity is endemic in the race of man my friend Kill those who are different or believe differently but never examine your own beliefs. The purpose of terrorism is to bring terror and all too easily achieved Any fool can finda cause but few can think

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C.R. Clark 24 May 2008

This is a very disturbing description indeed, as is often the case with truth. It is sometimes hard to believe the brutality that the human race is willing to inflict upon itself. Even though, somewhat depressing, this is an excellent work. Thanks for the invitation. Best wishes Richard

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Dr subhendu kar

Dr subhendu kar

Bhubaneswar, Odissa, India
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