Illusion Ii Poem by Dr subhendu kar

Illusion Ii

Rating: 4.8

Beauty is what by clarity of vision
more we learn greater we know truth
as we read history as mirrored by facts
yet time seems paradox in hand by realty....
yet rain is indebted to clouds
mystery dissipates by illusion
reason never defies riffs of truth
i am as i am by commiseration

ocean is beyond reach of moon
horizon befuddles in silhouettes
tide and ebb reason to reason
all earthly riffle by rise and fall

love of Florence ramifies by colors
do we ever judge our own strength?
every bits of raves up redounds
rainbow rills on illusion by extermination

Ravi Sathasivam 06 September 2009

Mysterious. Deep meaning. Well penned. Enjoyed reading it

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Jen Capaldi 07 September 2009

all of your poetry is driven by deep philosiphical reflections. your metaphors used to touch on the topics of traversing time and space, humanity, religion, true beauty created by nature, the meaning of our lives and so much more that weighs upon the intellectual human mind. some hidden by illusions or the minds eye. ocean is beyond reach of moon horizon befuddles in silhouettes tide and ebb reason to reason all earthly riffle by rise and fall You have succsessfully put illusion into your deepths of thinking. i think that if someone without much self-reflection or the yearning to understand something higher than thier intellect read this they would simply skip right over it not thinking twice about trying to understand that this poem has a true meaning and leaving no comment because they don't understand the meaning, but someone with higher level of thinking will read it and understand your metaphors and elegant style of writing. and would walk away not only pondering your words but taking a piece of your ideals with them to stay, the meanings hidden behind the illusion of your words are deep and touching. once again a beautiful, meaningful piece. kudos my friend. jen

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Allan Macli Borges 08 September 2009

you got the talent to put light on the greatest questions of thinking... your words bring us into a moment of doubt, a minute of reflection, I like when I find some kind of work...thanks for the invitation!

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Anand Madhukar 09 September 2009

An insightful poem extremely well written.

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Dr. Sonal Chhaya 10 September 2009

You got me thinking. Very deep and thoughtful. Thankyou

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 02 April 2010

‘…reason never defies riffs of truth…’ Sound sane reason is equal to Truth ‘…rainbow rills on illusion by extermination’ Here poetic twist where poor rainbow in jeopardy of illusion… Contemplative poem…thanks sharing… 10+++ Ms. Nivedita UK

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Rinki Nandy 26 December 2009

your words make it sound more like an illusion... clever usage of words, fulfilling the concept of an illsuion.

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Eyan Desir 05 December 2009

Nice poetic words Well written

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Dr.subhendu Kar 29 November 2009

From : Ema B (sydney Australia; Female; 13) To : Dr.subhendu Kar Date Time : 11/29/2009 3: 31: 00 AM (GMT -6: 00) Subject : Re: hello, Dear fellow poet your poems were wonderful you are very talented I enjoyed reading your other poems to. I look up to you. Thank you.

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Hanaa Art Nabil Rashed 19 October 2009

life of the Man is the big illusion love also is one i loved rainbow one day i discovered it was also an illusion like all thanks and good piece

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