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Beach Barbecue.

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It was almost thirty years ago now
when my family reassembled
at the beach on New Year's Day
to have a barbecue together

On a picnic area near the sand dunes
which blocked off the beach from sight
though not from sound. The waves were breaking
in a monotonous but pleasant rolling sound.

In the distance where the beach beckoned.
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Beach Barbecue.
Wednesday, March 20, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: beach,family,summer
The barbecue-a meal cooked outside on a gas stove-is popular in the New Zealand summer. People have barbecues at home on the patio outside, or at the beach. The main method of cooking is frying. In winter, the barbecues are not held, not that I have seen.
Some, but not all, barbecue cookers are portable, as my brother's was. It depends how big and heavy they are.
Rajnish Manga 01 April 2019

The poem evokes some nostalgic images which turn quite emotional towards the end. This speaks volumes about the multiple shades of life. Thanks a lot.

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Michael Walker 15 July 2019

Thanks for a thoughtful comment.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 21 March 2019

At the beach on New Year's Day memory was gathered with family almost thirty years ago. For centuries we had lived in different towns and cities. The most common swimming was in memory. Whether summer or winter, we could adjust with time. A brilliant memory is brought up in this brilliantly and excellently penned poem....10

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Michael Walker 21 March 2019

You have summed up exactly what I was trying to say in the poem. For some reason, I remembered that particular barbecue when all the family were present. That is not the case now. I really like swimming, either at a pool or at the beach-not so often as when I was younger.

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