The Tree Of Life. Poem by Michael Walker

The Tree Of Life.

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('Make a tree sound and its fruit will be sound; ...For the tree can be told by its fruit'. N.T. Matt.12: 33) .

The lemon tree still stands alone outside my bedroom
In a level weedless plot where it flourishes modestly
Like a self-assured but lonely, independent person.
At the moment the tree is producing abundant fruit.

So that I am mixing lemon drinks again after a dry spell,
Using hot water, with sugar and honey as sweeteners.
My drinks, hot or cold, are not fizzy like the supermarkets'
But still and true to nature, giving me a shot of energy.

The tree has taken on a mandate to grow higher and wider
So that it blocks out unwanted glare from security lights
that tower like harsh beacons on the street outside:
Now I sleep soundly in the onyx-stone darkness.

When I wake up early each gloomy cold winter's morning,
I draw back the curtains to see the changing yet constant citrus.

-23/24 June,2017.

Friday, June 23, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: nature
It is exactly midwinter in New Zealand now and lemon trees are heavy with fruit, fruit that gives life and energy until eternity. I decided not to plant anything else it that garden plot, but leave the lemon tree in thriving isolation, thus respecting its personality.
I hate glaring lights at night (and on the roads by day) , and the tree brings about total blackness for me to sleep.
(I am something of a connoisseur of soft drinks, fruit drinks and bottled water, as I never touch alcohol since I gave it up very many years ago. I became a happier, more fulfilled person as a result) .
Practicing Poetess 23 June 2017

What a comfort to have a tree that provides healthy drinks, something lovely to behold, and darkness for a sound sleep. Good job describing that wonderful tree!

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Michael Walker 24 June 2017

Yes, I appreciate this tree as if it were a close friend, the first I need total darkness to sleep. Your comment is much appreciated.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 23 June 2017

Beauty of nature is ever enjoyable as we watch very often through window pane. Standing of lemon tree outside your room gives amazing memory of past experiences. At the moment the tree is producing abundant fruit and this is matter of happiness definitely. Tree is growing higher is interesting. Winter morning's scene is beautifully presented in this excellent poem.

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Michael Walker 24 June 2017

Thanks for your observations and comment. By writing poetry, we are producing abundant fruit, that will last. It is simple to draw back the black curtains each morning to see the tree silhouetted against the fence, but it gives me a lift to start the day.

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Michael Walker 24 June 2017

A brilliant comment that proves you have analysed the poem for its linguistic and literary features.

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Michael Walker 04 July 2020

A similar situation to mine Doug.

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Douglas Scotney 17 April 2018

In my back yard, I have a lime of equal vitality. I keep it under control. I squeeze its juice on vanilla icecream. On my weight that has yet to take toll.

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Susan Williams 07 July 2017

It is an odd comfort to have a tree as a companion. It is far better if the tree grows on your property, its very life not dependent on the whims of others. I watched the tree across the street grow up from a foot tall sapling to approximately 45 foot tall shapely graceful tree. Unfortunately it is on school property and is susceptible to the winds of fortune or misfortune. The powers to be have chopped down others and I fear one day they will bring this beautiful vase-shaped tree as well. I have written two poems with it in it The Three Day Tree and Girl in Waiting. I hope it outlives me- I have seen so many things come and go, I would rather not witness its defeat. Very tasty poem, Mike. May your solitary lemon tree live a very long fruitful life.

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Fabrizio Frosini 06 July 2017

truly a nice poem, Michael.. reading your verse, I've got a thought: we could collect poems of this kind for a future anthology.. ;) P.S.: please, write a poem about terrorism.. deadline is July 31st

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Edward Kofi Louis 05 July 2017

Its fruit! ! With positive morals! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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