Jonathan ROBIN

Freshman - 521 Points (22 September / London)

Beast Year For Robin Lost Among The Stars After Claude Roy Bestiaire Du Rouge Gorge - Poem by Jonathan ROBIN

Between two stars pert robin found
far had it flown, yet no surprise
it felt to be so outward bound
miles high, where smile defied the skies.

Redbreast soft sings, one is enough
to stem disaster all around,
ten trillion stars this ball of fluff
saw millions more cheep’s cheek astound.

Earth thereto lends an ear, at ease
its warmth wells from each leafy mound,
an echo riding on the breeze
told kitten’s sneeze, bees gold abound.

Eternal silence sleep prevents,
how is the weaver by waft wound?
Where bell tolled echo reinvents
what sense retained by spiral sound?

What feels the hound for harried hare,
and what the hunter for the hound?
What feels the roundabout and where
should interest g[r]o[we] when it's compound?

What feels the clearing for deer’s [t]race?
How feels the blood for heart’s thud pound?
Star spars with insight and bad grace
when noisy strangers float around.

Star seeks LOVE’s meaning, ever bold,
what COLD means, how old men expound
on ALWAYS when within Death’s fold
all souls are soon called underground.

Bird song still seeks sure Way to wave
cross star-crossed dream, by sadness bound:
Star ponders Mankind’s endless crave,
which only by the grave is crowned.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

(4 September 1995 revised 7 and 11 February 2007)

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