Beautiful Hate Poem by Brittney Miller

Beautiful Hate

Rating: 5.0

Hate is passion
it is the word many fear to hear
it wraps and binds your soul

it'll make you go crazy
you'll strike at nothing
while you trust no one

As it eat at your heart
but hate is beautiful
not quit like the flowers

but in its own twisted way
the pain, the emotion
that surrounds your soul

the things it'll make you do
the mountains you will clime
the adrenaline rushes you'll enjoy

to learn to live with hate to
not allow it to take over
least you think you can control it

but don't make me laugh
it captures your soul
it tortures your mind

makes you see in way
you thought not possible
you act different

and when you cry
no one sees when
you scream nobody
comes that's how it grows

getting ready to strike others
you'll try to stop but give it up
and embrace the power to feel nothing

numb your mind and soul
push the guilt away and take
whats rightfully yours

Hate is twisted
Hate is passion
Hate is beautiful

Afzal Shauq 17 November 2009

but don't make laugh it captures your soul it tortures your mind makes you see in way you thought not possible you act different its a good poem written sweet way.. hate is expressed well but I say hate should be hate..because the only friendly smile can let every one in peace as i say in my say ((a friendly smile is the best weapon of war to fight with..afzal shauq))) any way your poem is good and I liked the way you done..10/10

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Bipin Churchung Rabha 05 September 2018

Nice one. It's a game which bounces back love within. Thank you Brittney!

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Michael Parsons 07 March 2014

it eat your heart least you think you act different etc. probably works (along with the eccentric spelling in other of the poems) if you are a dialect speaker, but not otherwise. The contradictions also remain and are unresolved. This poetry is like a local wine in France of the sort that tastes well in its own district but does not bottle and travel. Full of homely insight it needs to be read sympathetically.

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C. P. Sharma 27 December 2009

Beautifully penned. In fact, hate lies at the peak of love. CP

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Nikunj Sharma 22 November 2009

Everything is beautiful, yor poems proves it....I am amazed at the quality of your writing............keep writing....I loved the last three lines the most........

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Obinna Eruchie 21 November 2009

Hate is well expressed, the thing about hate is that it has a way of twisting you to indulge more and more to its poisonous nature. Beautiful.

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