Beautiful Mundane Acts Poem by sreelekha premjit

Beautiful Mundane Acts

Its what I like the best about my home
the endless repetition of acts
the washing of the spoon,
cleaning the kitchen.

Its what I like the best about my home
pottering around the utensils
packing and unpacking memories
folding up clothes.

Its what I like the best about my home
to hear the spoon and tumbler rattle away
to watch the mop unfold its story of the day
lighting lamp in the evening for prayer.

Its what I like the best about my home
to just laze around, messing in the kitchen
to roll up flour into round mouth watering ladoos
hearing the television, fridge and the ac speak.

Its that which keeps me calm
my turbulent mind lost in storm
the beauty of mindlessly repeating
the beautiful mundane acts of my daily life.

Martin O'Neill 12 February 2012

This is the gift of the poet- to see the beauty where no-one else does.

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Sadiqullah Khan 29 January 2009

Is what I like the best about home Listening to television and the music Of utensils or a running tap A breakfast on the table Or lunch in the noon A dinner so warm And a sleep sooooooooo longggggggggggggggg, , , , , , , , , , ,

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Chitra - 09 July 2008

excellent write! vividly protrayed

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K. V. Venkataramana 05 March 2008

This is a wonderful poem by a gifted poet. I would like to read more of your poems. Regards, Venkataramana

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