Rating: 4.9

As the wind blows so do the leaves.
As the wave crests and crashes to the shore.
It may go unnoticed for days,
But in the end you see the true beauty in it.

It may seem strange,
And it may seem weird,
But we all notice things like this
Even if its subtle at first.

All in all we admire the things
We hold near and dear.
May it be:

It all comes right down to it,
The beauty in everything.


the message portrayed by those words are amazing, perfectly done in a straightforward yet slightly hidden style. The beggining stanza gives a wonderful image of nature and the commonalities in the world, yet the end is perfectly in-sinc, although the style of simplicity and metaphorical context changes. The imput of the five senses was beautiful. a reminder of the 'all in all' and it had an overall emcompassing feeling, also done throughout the poem. My favorite part was when the ending line, 'it all comes right down to it - the Beauty in everything' Wonderful line, deserving of a good report. The only thing i may comment on for construction would possibly be the grammar in some sentences and your capitalization. Don't get rid of the flow or the style because it is unique and done in your own personal way, something no one should impede upon.

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Marilyn Lott 20 January 2009

There is so much beauty in the world and you captured some of it in this delightful nature poem. Great job! A '10! ' Best Wishes Marilyn

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Melissa Coventry 29 April 2008

'It may go unnoticed for days But in the end you see the true beauty in it' This is beautiful writing and creates a reader become emotional, but the above two lines amazing (To me) As the image of sitting on some of the remotest beaches Australia can offer and seeing the shores never ending.. hence in the end you do see the true beauty in it.. And futher into your poem the dramatic change in style is striking but i believe worked well.. The one word, one line technique worked and made the reader feel compelled to read on.. And wasn't dispointed. Thank you, Mel xxx

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Lacey Unknown 29 April 2008

I loved this poem! ! God's creation is meant to be noticed and appreciated... you accomplished that through this poem! ! ! ~Lacey~

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Aaron Tate 22 April 2008

The biggest things go taken for granted so true.

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I like this poem! its cute

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There is so much beauty all around and we poets must capture them and bring them out of their hiding place. Well written. Thanks for sharing.

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Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 24 September 2009

very true we devour beauty with those have brought it out beautifully

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Truthful Light Treeclimber 09 February 2009

nice..i've been thinking about this subject a lot recently and wondering if you didn't have your senses could something still be beautiful?

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Stacy Day 06 February 2009

Great Title and no real way to explain other then Beautiful.Great Job! 10

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