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As you walk through the
woods, you hear the twigs snapping
as deer run over them
You smell the freshly rained on leaves
You see the light beams that the branches
filtered out
You taste the moistness in the air
You feel the cool breeze against your back
All happening at once

Vilma Xelin 10 September 2007

Ohh very fresh poem sweet heart! so nice to reading... Thanks!

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Rebecca R. 18 November 2009

I gave you your first vote :)

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Rebecca R. 18 November 2009

:) I can see the woods and feel the Verden grass on my bare feet, I hear birds and can feel mist on my face...excellent way to capture a simple joy, one of nature and it's limitless beauty. I bequeath to you 10++ marks for a great moment captured in simple, but adequate words.

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walm zand 30 October 2009

I see the woods where u live don't differ from the ones out here! All is happening, all is possible, the world and the woods are one and all! Very nice poem! Keep it up ok? Wanne check out my 'song of the sea'? greetz Rob

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Brenda Arroyo 19 October 2009

When I read this, I was there, doing the very word of your writing.

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Paige S 09 April 2009

I love these descriptions! And I love the woods. Nice job. :) Paige

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