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Stars shimmering
Stars glowing
Stars never ending
Showing their brilliance to us


As the wind blows so do the leaves.
As the wave crests and crashes to the shore.
It may go unnoticed for days,
But in the end you see the true beauty in it.


As you walk through the
woods, you hear the twigs snapping
as deer run over them
You smell the freshly rained on leaves


As you sit in the dark
And contemplate your death
You ask yourself, “Why? ”


As I walk down the road
People laugh at me
At the way I look

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Rebecca R. 18 November 2009

You and I are alike. I love the outdoors and animals but am not all that fond of people, I have German blood running through my veins and have always been unlike the typical people surrounding I am flattered that you have written a message to me(however brief) even though you have never met me. Do you speak fluent German?

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I like the outdoors and love animals. I was born in Germany and lived there for 9 months people think i am weird, but I am just shy. I just dont really like to talk to people unless I have known them for a while.

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