Beauty Poem by John Masefield


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Azim khan 19 November 2018

Nice it is øßm poem I love the poem

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Farah Ilyas 14 June 2011

stylistics analysis of a poem A poem can paint a thousands images in our mind's eye. the thought content or the idea of the poem is fairly straightforward & simple: his lady lover's face is more beautiful than all of nature in the month of april. this poem is mundane.there is imaginative & expressive(narative) use of a language in the poem.the poem followsa patterns of abab cdcd.the poet also makes a heavy use of images & words association to convey his emotions in an emphatic manner as visual, audio & tactile imagery in first stanza. the subject of the poem is 'praise from the beloved'. the subject of a poem dealth with beauty & close to nature so comes into pastoral kind of subject. the speaker of poem is poet himself however he use persona by introducing his beloved. the tone of a poem can range from being happy to being repetitions of a words of a words like i have seen, i have seen & by description of word her, poet wants to stresses her feelings about her beloved's beauty the choice of a diction is denotative as well as connotative because its highly evoked the emotions, thoughts, ideas & feelings of a poet dennotative as 'but the loveliest things of beauty god ever has shown to me and her voice, and her hair and her eyes....(the real meaning is his girl friend) connotative as 'i have seen the lady april....(the real meaning is his girl friend) syntax of a pom is highly ordered, poem has been written by poet in past tense. a variety of techniques also used by poet to express his thought like the use of simili in 1st stanza of a poem in sentences as 'coming in solemn beauty like slow old tunes of spain' personification by words like 'i have heard the song of the blossoms & the old chant of the sea' synecdoche by the words like her voice, her eyes & her lips these all belongs to her beloved's beauty or figure

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Marilyn Lott 23 July 2009

I love the simplicity and rhyming style of this poet. Wonderful! Marilyn

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Imtiaz Wichka 27 March 2009

plz give the stylistic analysis of poem 'beauty' by john masefield

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Parul Singh 22 March 2009

please give a stylist analysis of this poem

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John Masefield

John Masefield

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