Because, I Have God Poem by Randy McClave

Because, I Have God

I don't need jeers
And I don't need fears,
I don't use tears
Because, I have God

I'm never hateful or trifle
A person's belief I will never stifle,
I don't need a gun or a rifle
Because, I have God.

I don't mock or judge
I don't hate or hold a grudge,
Never do I drag anyone through the sludge
Because, I have God.

I help the poor and the needy
I am not rich or wealthy or greedy,
So, I stay away from the selfish and the seedy
Because, I have God

I don't wait until tomorrow
Or reminisce of yesterday with sorrow,
Only today is the day I'll borrow
Because, I have God

I don't ever go to bed scared
I always wake up joyful and prepared,
My faith is strengthened and repaired
Because, I have God

I don't curse or ridicule others
Because, we're all sisters and brothers,
Spreading the word of Jesus should be our druthers
Because, I have God.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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