Because You Refused To Kiss Me On My Lips

Because you refused to kiss me on my lips before you go,

time is arthritis to my bones,

can’t move,

only clock is moving

but very slow

unlike my heartbeat,

it isn’t nice to kiss in public, you told me,

I refused to acknowledged the fact,

loneliness is a fact,

a timeless wound all lonely souls knew,

could kiss you on your forehead or your cheek

in front of the forlorn bus passengers,

but like wine, longing ness rushed to my head

from my heart, that moment,

weakened by the fact that everything is a comma,

so if ever, love,

that the bus you’re in hits a dike,

or on my way home, cardiac arrested me,

no despair please to whomever be left alone,

if ever, love,

that kiss will be a lonely bird in the wide sky,

so please kiss me on my lips before you go

if there will be next time,

you could tell that my kiss on your cheek or the forehead’s the same,

but your kiss on my lips

heals the unripe wounds of my heart,

forgive this child,

his folly,

yesterday when we were young,

we’re mad,

crazy about the moon and his tears, the ocean,

untamed about our impulsive actions and road trips,

now we have a child and we’re grown ups as we want to believed,

we’ve lost something I think, so

lets take away the breath of the lonely travelers

if ever they catch a glimpse of us doing it,

take away my heart with you,

please please kiss me on my lips before you go.

if there will be next time.

Shogunoka Ledesma III 07 April 2009

hahaha! I enjoyed reading this one! bravo!

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Indira Babbellapati 30 March 2009

i liked that imagery...of time being arthritis to ur's quite an engrossing read, young man!

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