Because Your Voice Was At My Side Poem by James Joyce

Because Your Voice Was At My Side

Rating: 3.5

Because your voice was at my side
I gave him pain,
Because within my hand I held
Your hand again.

There is no word nor any sign
Can make amend -- -
He is a stranger to me now
Who was my friend.

Kim Barney 14 July 2015

This is a much better poem than the 6.2 rating given by the 21 voters so far.

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Kim Barney 14 July 2015

Ouch! That hurts, to lose a friend just because of competition for a woman. One must decide which is more important and let the chips fall where they may. Much sentiment conveyed by James Joyce in this short poem.

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Bernard Snyder 14 July 2015

This is a nice poem. A sad one but a great write nonetheless! Thanks for sharing!

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Resh Kav 22 June 2017

Triangle love story in a very short poem. nice

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Red Atkins 18 February 2018

The classic love triangle, the basis for the movie Pearl Harbor

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Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal 01 November 2020

nicely done.. good poem.. clear 10 Dry leaves on the tree Monday.2nd November 2020 I filled my heart with sadness and held a deserted face it had no more love's traces only dry leaves on trees Dr Jadia Hasmukh

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Khairul Ahsan 01 November 2020

The poem is short but profound! A well deserved honour to have been selected as the 'Classic Poem of the Day'!

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Mahtab Bangalee 01 November 2020

Because your voice was at my side I gave him pain, /// sometimes some voices, some words, some writings reluctantly hurt others severe more than killing//

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Kumarmani Mahakul 01 November 2020

Who was a friend one day has changed into a stranger this time. This is so sad that pain is noticed. We feel emotion of this condition. Still friendship is well felt. An amazing poem is excellently penned..5 stars..

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paul amrod 01 November 2020

The power of a woman is extremely intincing.

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