Becoming A Man Poem by Randy McClave

Becoming A Man

Rating: 5.0

The father told his son when he becomes a man
To always be the very best that he truly can,
Becoming a man pertains to wisdom and not of age
Don't enter it with simplicity and never with a gauge,
In your life you can become either ruthless or very clever
Truth and honesty will always be your best endeavor,
I hope you my son will choose wisdom and be very kind
Then truly as a real man you assuredly will be defined,
When you help the needy and the poor, manhood you will learn
But, don't ever do it for glamour or expect praise in return,
The day will come when the deeds of your life will be read
Then all will know you as a man, from the road you have tread,
A man can give his soul to God and become a caring preacher
Or he can give his life to students and become a fine teacher,
He could use his hands to become a farmer or a technician
But, please my son, don't ever become a politician.

Randy L. McClave

Kim Barney 15 January 2015

I really like this one, Randy. Well-written and excellent advice. I am voting it a ten.

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Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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