Just A Little White Lie Poem by Jennifer Sol

Just A Little White Lie

Rating: 5.0

No, I wasn’t out past curfew
Never would I drink a single drop
Oh no, I did not stay up past twelve
Disobey you? You must be dreaming

Oh, it’s just little white lies strung together
A garland of lies in white gracing my neck
A nervous bride soon to join her groom

Tell you honestly, this I will
No I never stole from that convenience store
I would never think to drink and drive
Try some pot? You’re dreaming again

Oh, they’re getting darker strung along
A garland of lies in gray gracing my neck
A nervous bride caught glimpse of her groom

What is it this time, a bank robbery
Was it me? Oh no, I would never
I had no part in the murder
Of that poor black boy
Blood and gore is too much for me

Oh, I’m getting in far too deep
A garland of lies in black gracing my neck
A bride and groom hungry for the bedroom

What have I done, lying to get out of trouble
Bigger and bigger they grew, elaborate too
I dug myself a hole and pushed myself in
I have no choice but to face the consequences
Building a ladder of truth to exit this hole

Silence Dogood 13 September 2008

I love the imagery in the end.Great poem :)

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Francesca Johnson 20 July 2006

Excellent. Yet again. Love, Fran xx

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Jennifer Sol

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