Venomous Snake Poem by Jennifer Sol

Venomous Snake

Our conversations now are like pictures hung askew
We are balancing on a tight-rope of meaningless words
One slip and we’re gone, falling into the truth
That we so desperately want to avoid
It’s painful for us both, each word out of our mouths
Is laced with pain and desperation for silence
A curtain of silence befalls us, we fidget nervously
One wrong move and we interrupt the peace
The silence deafens me, filling my ears with horrible sounds
It is a web being woven between us two barricading me from you
I try to reach out with words to bring laughter, the web stifles me
I stretch out my hand and the look of love in your eyes slaps it back
That look is a venomous snake ready to strike
The poison seeps into my veins slowly, spreading the pain softly
I glance behind me and see her, the one your look was for
My moment with you deflates like a weary balloon
And as a third wheel I roll away, as far as I can to escape

Dee Daffodil 22 July 2006

Jennifer....wonderful poem...very emotional, very honest...full of vivid imagery! We; ; done. Hugs, Dee

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Jennifer Sol

Jennifer Sol

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