Memories I Could'Ve Had Poem by Jennifer Sol

Memories I Could'Ve Had

Rating: 4.5

I find myself lost in a dream world,
That will never come true,
Always I’ll be wishing,
And never truly living.
All my shattered dreams,
Are scattered about in pieces,
That I have yet to clean up.
And I just keep on wishing,
For things that will never happen,
Creating an even bigger mess.
I fear my heart will burst,
I don’t know if I can take much more,
And another dream crashes,
I’m still here,
Barely hanging on,
Still trying to find my way,
In the dream world,
That has become a living hell.
All I want to do is scream,
And let out strings of profanity,
But I can’t find my voice,
It’s lost in the pieces,
I’ve been left to pick up.
And your song keeps playing,
In my head and won’t leave me alone,
I’m drowning in my sorrow,
In my shattered dreams,
In this feeling of insecurity,
That whispers to me everyday.
My dreams come to me unbidden,
And refuse to leave me alone,
So I am forced to watch,
Everything I’ve ever wanted,
Fall to pieces all around me.
And I cry the driest tears,
For all the memories,
I could’ve had,
But never did.

Catastrophe King 08 August 2006

That was an amazing piece. The way you have gone intricately into the details of each and every emotion... I loved it.

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Mpho Petrus Manwedi 25 July 2006

What can I say? If only I had words to describe beautiful. I think I will steal this one again and put it in my favourites. May I?

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