Begging Another Poem by Ben Jonson

Begging Another

Rating: 2.9

For love's sake, kiss me once again;
I long, and should not beg in vain,
Here's none to spy or see;
Why do you doubt or stay?
I'll taste as lightly as the bee
That doth but touch his flower and flies away.

Once more, and faith I will be gone;
Can he that loves ask less than one?
Nay, you may err in this
And all your bounty wrong;
This could be called but half a kiss,
What we're but once to do, we should do long.

I will but mend the last, and tell
Where, how it should have relished well;
Join lip to lip, and try
Each suck other's breath.
And whilst our tongues perplexed lie,
Let who will, think us dead or wish our death.

Susan Williams 22 March 2016

I'm beginning to like this rake from another age, he's such a persistent gadfly. Trying to charm kisses off that innocent little flower, for shame, for shame. I wonder how often these lines worked. They are alluring and as soft and silky as romance in the moonlight.

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Bernard F. Asuncion 15 December 2016

Nice poem.......++++++++++++++ Thanks for sharing..

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Terry Craddock 15 December 2016

For love's sake, kiss me once again; I long, and should not beg in vain, Here's none to spy or see; ' an inexhaustable appitite for more and still more stolen kisses is an old adorable theme, the fact that there are none to see does not bode well we fear for the sweet ladies chastity, quite a kissable poem well written and fun

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Ratnakar Mandlik 15 December 2016

Simply superb, imagery as also, the poem.

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Susan Williams 15 December 2016

I read this last March and again today and I loved it back then and I love it more today. I must have a weak spot for men like him!

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M Asim Nehal 15 December 2016

Fantastic poem, the poet is trying to put the nature in terms with human relations.

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Edward Kofi Louis 15 December 2016

Kiss me once again! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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