Being Unhappy Poem by Hercolena Oliver

Being Unhappy

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Life is often not as we’d like it to be.
Sometimes you wonder why did this happen to me.
Apples do not grow from a pear tree.
Thorns go with figs as sweet as can be.
Roses remain fragrant depite their thorny territory?
Why shouldn’t these prinicples apply to you and me?

Eternally bond to the present

As much as you object you’ve been given a present of the present.

This present is not returnable, not refundable and not negotiable.

So take it and make the best of it.

For every step you take towards the future remains inescapably bound to the present.

Life is what you make of it, whether you adore it or resent.

Don’t be afraid:

At times you may feel afraid.

At times the sky may appear dark and dismal.

Now and again you’ll endure stormy weather.

Occassionally you may experience failuers.

Oft you may taste disappoinments.

Ask yourself?

What’s there to be afraid of:
If you worry you die.
If you don’t worry you die.
You only die once.
God has planned your future.
You cannot change your destiny.
So just live life from day to day.
There’s no need to be afraid.
People can hurt you,
but they can’t steal your soul
as this belongs to God.
So don’t be afraid.
Just hope for the best.
Life may be a test,
but if you fail today,
you may succeed tomorrow
and if you don’t
you’re just another statistic.

Jacqueline Adams 21 April 2010

I like this poem because it makes me think about my life. I've been afraid all my life and this poem just might have given me hope to live my life how God wants me to live it.

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Hercolena Oliver

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