Luxuries And Necessities Poem by Hercolena Oliver

Luxuries And Necessities

Popular perceptions of necessities, comforts &luxuries
have evolved throughout time's centuries.
Luxuries are used as symbols of status to symbolise
distinction made between luxuries and necessities rise.

Today's luxuries become tomorrow's necessities.
Services are not merely luxuries, but obcessities.
Your hands and feet will have never looked so good.
Necessities and luxuries of mate preferences set the mood.

Inequality, nonhomothetic preferences and trade indicates a gravity approach
and necessities work well in analysis when restricting the analysis broach.
While imports of luxuries increase with importing country
high-tech products indicate new necessities of bounty.

With the recent explosion of consumer products
whether these are considered luxuries or necessities destructs.
Excellence par excellence portrays luxuries or necessities
as scribes, professionals and decline of mass media build cities.

What's really important is the value of a value system up ahead.
Values are not luxuries, but necessities, not the salt in our bread,
offering a full range of products and service jargons
as things cost, whether there's value in those costs how to find bargains.

As you get older and can distinguish between necessities and luxuries, the next step
for financial education, featuring lesson plans, tips
and activities indicates difference between luxuries and necessities
believing that all these things are not luxuries, but necessities.

Relish yourselves in those luxuries at every opportunity.
Information about the office and its services does not imply impunity.
In case of necessities, not luxuries, adversary system of descent life,
households must eschew all luxuries and donate that part of their strife.

Money you're spending on luxuries, not necessities, should be given away.
Boating destination videos from harbour rendezvous in sway.
You conscience has luxuries and necessities for your home,
necessities and luxuries or vice versa regardless of where you roam.

When asked about luxuries and everyday necessities
a partnership list may include luxuries and necessities.
Values are not luxuries, but necessities you don't see,
being not the salt in our bath, but in the seven sea.

Hercolena Oliver

Hercolena Oliver

Durban South Africa
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