If Life Gives You Lemons Poem by Hercolena Oliver

If Life Gives You Lemons

If life gives you lemons- that's splendid.
Make lemonade (cliche, though recommended) .
Have a discourse about what to do with the lemons in fraction.
Consider lemons as a recourse for further action.
Serve lemons as garnishing with your main course.
Caution should be exerted in attempting to use lemons for intercourse.
Say thank you, then politely ask for the salt and tequila shoots.
Stuff them up your bra to enhance your attributes.
Add them to your address book under Denone.
Call on John and be pleased with yourself for having met John Lemon, if not John Lennon.
Mail the lemons anonymously to a lemon meringue industry.
Auction them online at lemonline citing nitty gritty.
Surreptitiously convert them to melons with good, if concealed, intentions or refuse.
Squeeze them with auspisious motives as stress balls ostensibly to make lemon juice.
Wonder why you didn't get lime instead.
Sniff at them before putting them on bread.
Make them into acronyms such as: Let Enough Mice (Computer, that is) On Notebook System.
Be thankful you have lemon¬ Apple that'd be sure to invoke curiosity of mouse@whim.
Or try another acronym,
this time being, for the time being as a minimum
Limes Envy Melons Over Notorious Sourness.
Check how not to make them sweeter in devourness.
Send them to a spammer.
Use them as passwords for the slammer.
Get attention by eating them and then pulling a face and don't grin.
Implement lemons productively in playing fetch with your pet python.
Compress them into lemon juice for onions.
Then try and decompress them back to lemons.
Use them as file extensions suce as lemmein.lemon @most.
Impress your friends by rhyming lemon with dot com, well almost.
Index them for free.
Filter them much like cofee.
Reserve them as a convenient excuse for indigestion on days you prefer off dough.
Finger them (careful of secretly exposing them or security exposure though) .
Convert them to a font that shows.
Throw them at an online buddy and check if it didn't break any Windows.
Be happy it's free though you won't indulge in binges.
Pretend they're oranges.
Act like you've no idea why they're not tennis balls,
then throw them as autobigraphical over the net @malls.
Put them on auction after gaining publicity
lamenting on how life handed you a sour deal memorabilia atrocity.

Brian Jani 24 May 2014

You better add sugar

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Allemagne Roßmann 29 September 2011

well said....i appreciate and very enjoyable

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Hercolena Oliver

Hercolena Oliver

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