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Oh, to dream...

Everyone is beautiful, etc. in some way.
Everyone is special, etc. in some way.
These characteristics though not necessarily
physical may include spontaneity, gayety,

Popular perceptions of necessities, comforts &luxuries
have evolved throughout time's centuries.
Luxuries are used as symbols of status to symbolise
distinction made between luxuries and necessities rise.

If life gives you lemons- that's splendid.
Make lemonade (cliche, though recommended) .
Have a discourse about what to do with the lemons in fraction.
Consider lemons as a recourse for further action.

Life is often not as we’d like it to be.
Sometimes you wonder why did this happen to me.
Apples do not grow from a pear tree.
Thorns go with figs as sweet as can be.

Forgive yourself.
Be gentle on yourself.
Be kind to yourself too.
Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you.

There's a designated time in the universe for everything:

A time to limit, a time to expand.
A time to rise, time to lower and lend a hand.

I’m adept at:
Reading at a speed,
Trying to please need,
Being compromising as a clover,

When the time is ripe for certain things,
these'll appear as blossoms in many springs.
Humanity sought to know such as mirth
as changeable events on this earth.

May the winds blow for you as a gentle breeze.
May the sun warm you by day when you pray on your knees.
May the rain prosper your harvest and refresh you too.
May the Good Lord guide you, bless you and protect you.

The fact that people always want to get the last word in legit
does not mean that word is of any substantial merit.
The absolute truth may not necessarily be just that small.
Acessibility based on set criteria does not amount to accessibilty at all.

No longer is experience a prerequisite for wisdom.
Being on the imminently expanding Internet days
you have now upgraded from being simple to dim
having a propensity to behave in complicated ways.

Check on your automated mail, then file it in a box.
Create an e-mail then fold it and put it in a box on blocks.
Discard cards, but not your mail.
File your e-mails in a box file to put up for sale.

Your essential residential guide to LOVE
states new love is not unlike self love:

Helping him not to get too beat up by beating his eggs

To the sweetest, most charming angel heart.
I wish our paths may never part.

To the best in the west

Could I design a widget
for sitting with a celebrity that doesn't fidget?
I'll superimpose the uploaded pic
Of person next to celebrity/lookalike trick

Believe you are Able, then you Cain do anything Ably.
Believe you are Intelligent, then you will think Logically.
Believe you have Potential, then you will Succeed.
Believe you are Fair, so you will act Justly in Need.

Brevity is quick.
Time passes.
Seasons change.
You couldn’t change this if you try.

Speak now or forever hold your pc, men.
Do you believe in love@firstsite or should I walk by again?

A webmaster never closes one application, but he opens another window.

Are you feeling down?
Has your face given way to a frown?
Has your flowers wilted to a dismal brown?
Don’t you ever wear a crown?

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I write poetry for a hobby and am unemployed due to affirmative action in South Africa.)

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Dreams And Aspirations

Oh, to dream...

How boring and even benign would life be
without the ability to dream and ability of foreseeability.

Oh, how inspiring are aspirations…

The future is unbeknown and man caught in an eternal present
plans in a furtive event for the future when the future never happens
as we live in an eternal now, inescapblebound to this existence,
sharing a bond with the past, yet how noble planning regardless for the future,
aspiring to greater heights in defiance and ostensible ignorance
of the ever turning wheel of fortune.

Oh, how awe inspiring are inspirations…

Inpiration, much like many other things is momentary
though complementary
to complimenting earth, nature
and our very existence on this interlinked planet.

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