Everyone Is Beautiful And Special In Some Way Poem by Hercolena Oliver

Everyone Is Beautiful And Special In Some Way

Everyone is beautiful, etc. in some way.
Everyone is special, etc. in some way.
These characteristics though not necessarily
physical may include spontaneity, gayety,
longeivity and patience in case of opposing brevity.
Beauty inspires love nesting a precious resting soul dove.
Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder
and exalted on special occasions,
such as Valentine’s Day.
Gifts may be bestowed on the loved one to denote feelings
of love and affection, being accepting despite obvious imperfection.
Beauty can be expressed in thoughtful special words,
by kindness, courtesy and compassion.

Gifts may be given as a beautiful gesture either both bought
or made or morally by encouragement or a kind word or being supportive
through difficult situations or witholding snide remarks
even when these may be called for on occasion.
Masterpieces are created portraying
how artists observe and relate to beauty,
created in instances yet immortalised in certain instances.
Special occasions in itself can be beautiful,
as are furtive though innocent glances.
Some bodies are beautiful,
some are beautiful because of an inspiring inner nature,
others for artistic reasons, all for reflecting God’s creation.

It is beautiful to show someone
you really care and brighten their day.
Life is beautiful if you do not harbour feelings of hate or remorse
and constant dictation by a nagging inner conscience
as confession is as simple as a prayer.

Public cities and streets are beautiful wherever these may be located,
charming in unique appeal.
All over the world singles in need of love are special
in their grandiose affections
and motivations.
Those who share a trusting bond may share secrets
and ability to keep shared secrets are beautiful.
Decadent smoothness is special.
Selected presents though bought for affordability are special
considering sentimental value.

Author’s publications are especially special in expression.

Hercolena Oliver

Hercolena Oliver

Durban South Africa
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