Hercolena Oliver

Rookie (18 April 1969 / Durban South Africa)

Hercolena Oliver Poems

1. Present You At Present 10/10/2008
2. Thoughts For Consolation Through Trying Times 10/10/2008
3. Talking China Doll Dreams Of Merry Go Round, Playground & Fairy Stage 10/10/2008
4. Auspicious Wandering Wondering 10/10/2008
5. What Was Taught Fought With That Wrought To Sought 10/10/2008
6. Humility And Wisdom 10/10/2008
7. Disinterest And Apathy 10/10/2008
8. Interest And Obsession 10/10/2008
9. Wise Techno Sayings 10/10/2008
10. As You Believe So You Can Achieve 10/10/2008
11. Brief In Brief 10/10/2008
12. Elation 10/10/2008
13. Sunken Into The Depths Of Despair And Despondency 10/10/2008
14. Monday To Friday Make Every Hour Count 10/10/2008
15. Whole Fragments 10/10/2008
16. These Shoes Are Made For Walking 10/10/2008
17. Transforming/Transposing Thoughts To Words 10/10/2008
18. Gently Does It 10/10/2008
19. Can'T You 10/10/2008
20. Do Try This At Home 10/10/2008
21. Do You Feel 10/10/2008
22. Immorality And Immortality 10/10/2008
23. Life Much Like Poetry Does Not Always Rhyme 10/10/2008
24. Perfunctionary Poems On Ten Topics At Random 10/10/2008
25. Some Things Are Gone Yet Not Forgotten 10/10/2008
26. In Passing 10/10/2008
27. Unexplained Attraction 10/10/2008
28. What If 10/10/2008
29. Should You 10/10/2008
30. Insomnia 10/10/2008
31. For You If You Will 10/10/2008
32. Wishing You An Unlikely Lucky Friday The Thirteenth 10/10/2008
33. Passed Passing 10/10/2008
34. Dreamtime With Inline Rhyme 10/10/2008
35. When The Time Is Ripe 10/10/2008
36. Be It As It May 10/10/2008
37. Angel At Heart Hundred Wise Sayings 10/10/2008
38. The Unsitely Internet Revisited 10/10/2008
39. The Mail Or The Box 10/10/2008
40. Your Essential Quintessential Resentful Misguided Guide To Love 10/10/2008
Best Poem of Hercolena Oliver

Dreams And Aspirations

Oh, to dream...

How boring and even benign would life be
without the ability to dream and ability of foreseeability.

Oh, how inspiring are aspirations…

The future is unbeknown and man caught in an eternal present
plans in a furtive event for the future when the future never happens
as we live in an eternal now, inescapblebound to this existence,
sharing a bond with the past, yet how noble planning regardless for the future,
aspiring to greater heights in defiance and ostensible ignorance
of the ever turning wheel of ...

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Disinterest And Apathy

There is no area of life today where greater, or more cruel suffering is so apply
as due to apathy, disinterest, indifference or selfish behavior by trying try
that is in part direct result of apathy and disinterest on the part of people.
Take interest in the cure for apathy now, shoot for the moon and reach the church steeple.

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