Benign Limericks

Rating: 3.3

In the forests of Uluru
fertile pebbles of Kangaroo poo
make the bunya trees thrive
and the bees in their hive
sing the song of the didgereedoo.

From the top of the Eiffel Tower
I had dropped in the morning a flower.
When I went down for lunch
I discovered a bunch
and got drenched in a Paris rain shower.

That time I flew with Lufthansa
I felt crowded as if in a Panzer.
Well, our pilot was new
and we had a bad crew,
there is more in the following stanza.

We were served by a Sauerkraut Roll
who was mean like a sausage-less Pole.
When she raised her shrill voice
I had no other choice
but to break all the rules of Parole.

I then grabbed the bitch by her blue collar
raised her up (I was quite a bit taller) ,
out the window she flew
without further ado,
you could hear her (for ages) still holler.

Kelly Allen Vinal 30 August 2005

H and his limericks. If he could post a polka, he would: -) Very nice work, actally!

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Mary Nagy 29 August 2005

All hail the 'Limerick King'! Sincerely, Mary

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Mahnaz Zardoust-Ahari 29 August 2005

Now, now Herbert, temper temper.......LOL! I can relate to the airplane one!

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Allan James Saywell 29 August 2005

excellent HERBERT you are very good with the limerics we will have to send you to the green country to recite them WARM REGARDS aLLAN

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