Between Us Poem by Frank Bana

Between Us

Rating: 5.0

If you are far, then what is this I feel
The weight within my heart, upon my hands
If this is distance, does it fall
Between us, does it own us
Or do we tame and name it for ourselves?

If we cannot be sitting side by side
To watch the crucial moments of the night
The falling of the sun, the rising of the tide
The duel of stars and moon, are these not seen
On every shore of the same mother earth?

If there are tiny birds that sing
Around your hair of sunlight when I call
Will I not be so glad to know the song
That softly breaks the silence of your sleep
While I rest here with music and guitar?

Distance, tides, the winds of human fate
Dress the land in newly-fashioned clothes
For each new dawn, expression of our hearts
The words we cannot say
But know will pass between us every day.

Original Unknown Girl 26 April 2007

This is stunning, you say so eloquently that which I was trying to convey in my 'ever near' creation. (Though yours speaks so very highly of everything I was trying to put across) Tearchokingly beautiful. HG: -) xx

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