Cancer Blooms... Poem by Frank Bana

Cancer Blooms...

Rating: 5.0

Cancer blooms in the corporeal garden
Slow, dreamlike, insistent
Not advertising its next appearance
Choosing at will among the garden’s delights.

I don’t care so far to die
Or not to die. I care
To live outside of fear
And inside the present time of life.
Shall I live as slow as cancer moves
In harmony and equal intensity
Multiplying thoughts and creative waves
As it multiplies itself?

We find ourselves locked fatally together
In negotiated inevitability –
Host and uninvited guest
Who depends on me as I depend on her
For life, destruction and survival.

Come with me, ill-intentioned friend.
Be part of me. Let’s do our worst and best.

Susan Lawino 28 September 2005

Deep and insightful. The resignation to ones fate, the rationailty even when helpless. Never thought of it this way. I am able to feel the pain, anguish, determination, courage, the dread and hope even without having suffered such... all in one poem!

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Dee Daffodil 15 May 2006

Very nicely done. You relate cancer almost to a symbiotic relationship...where each part needs each other. This is an interesting view of life. Then on the other hand...this might have been an actual relationship...which seems like a cancer to you. Very deep thinking Frank. Well done! Hugs, Dee

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Lynda Robson 01 July 2008

This poem shows a great strength of character, it is full of so many emotions, and a very positive attitude, I hope this saw you through it, Best wishes Lynda xx

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Onelia Avelar 15 May 2008

Poetry is such a magic art - it can transform the reality. As if we see the things through transparent diamonds with many angles. The scary things become in this poem...

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Original Unknown Girl 26 April 2007

Gosh this is a candid write, it takes courage to write something so bold. And yet they say, 'keep your enemies closer', I guess that's the theme here, be not afraid put face it head-on. I like the positivity in this, a fabulous measure of a strong character. HG: -) xx

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Linda Ori 23 August 2006

Interesting concept here, Frank - like the prisoner who ends up befriending the criminal holding them captive. We are capable of so much more strength than we know, even in the face of adversity. Brilliantly written, and deeply expressed. Linda

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Ruby Root 16 July 2006

Your a very strong person Frank. You are not afraid. This takes courage. Excellent poem with good imagery and emotions.

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