Bible Bob Poem by George Murdock

Bible Bob

Rating: 5.0

Bible Bob in his bib overalls
and his mid-chest beard
his bible and flag
went to preach to the prospectors of gold
he rode on the shoulders of a giant named Jerimiah
who with one arm conquered all arms at Petaluma
and Bible Bob scolded the gold diggers
the lillies who passed through the field
with short skirts and too much make-up
for which they were sure to hell damned
and through the megaphone crisply
his fire and brim stone drew laughter
as the giant let him down to earth
for as he rode on the shoulders of a giant
his union flap remained insecure
and one full buttock of Bob's
was exposed to the crowd he had drawn
and Jerimiah held the megaphone
while Bible Bob buttoned his flap

Patti Masterman 29 October 2006

This poem and story reminds me of Tom Sawyer and those rich tales. Aren't poems like children that come to our knee and look up with imploring eyes: please write about us now, tell our story to the world?

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Raynette Eitel 05 December 2005

Very amusing, George...and good descriptions of that time in the gold rush. 'button his flap, indeed! ' Raynette

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David Gerardino 23 November 2005

ok, i had to read this a few times, nice job

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