George Murdock Poems

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Lotus Flower

I dream of you open like the pale Lotus flower
The petals of your nether lips moist with
dew drops of honey nectar
your inner flesh luscious and splayed

..To Someone Who Knows Everything And Wants Nothing

Speaking above them they could not hear me
as I raged and shrieked in tongues
my head was like a fountain
words like feathers floated down

Feng Shui

One day it was familiar but not home
it had turned that way
while he was at work
the first thing he noticed


I fall into the green pools of your eyes
once again
like crimson tipped rose petals into a violent stream
rushed away from sensibility

Dali Professes His Love

I must climb you like a spine
revel in you like a yodeler in a cave
devote a continent to you
have no conscience about driving


Like any other changeling
She was waiting to transform
Waiting for her arms to curl into flaps
Waiting for another set of legs to emerge

A Garden On The Moon

Let me say this standing while I still have breath to sing
There must be a light somewhere that brightens everything
I try like someone desperate to light a fire of the heart
I strike another match and watch you blow it all apart

Calamity Jane

He looked like a good saddle horse
though his hair was long
and his beard three days course
she soon had the saddle on him


They left you where you had fallen
against your pane
like a sparrow deceived in flight
with your delicate frail wings


While bodies bloated in dark water
floated past news dinghys
W was making mincemeat
of Karl on the ping pong table

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