A Garden On The Moon Poem by George Murdock

A Garden On The Moon

Rating: 5.0

Let me say this standing while I still have breath to sing
There must be a light somewhere that brightens everything
I try like someone desperate to light a fire of the heart
I strike another match and watch you blow it all apart
I swear to the heavens that I love you more than life
I know there is no other that would make a finer wife
But our world is like a prison
One that we have built
Or like a garden in the desert
Where the flowers grow but wilt
What makes us miss the moments
In the photos and the cards
Is knowing this will end someday
and forever we will part
Until then let’s find solace
In a poem or a tune
waiting for the warmth of spring
in a garden on the moon.

Subroto Chatterjee 27 April 2009

Pity, I won't be able to ramble in that moony garden...inhospitable atmosphere, etc. But what a song! ! Yer a real loverboy! ! I loved this one. Keep on, old boy. Cheers. Subroto

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Monesh Kumar 27 April 2009

Wow...your an inspiration....

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Lynn Glover 13 February 2010

I really love the rhythem and flow of this poem and feel as though you have drawn me right into the middle of the poem just like a good poet should. I enjoyed my stay in your garden and I hope it continues to florish for you. Thanks for sharing and God bless, your friend Lynn

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take me with you. i want to plant the first seed. thank you for your kindness to me.

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Bob Blackwell 02 August 2009

A lovely and sad poem, your garden on the moon shows your warm heart still beats, full of caring and romance. Lovely write sir 10++

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Sathyanarayana M V S 31 July 2009


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Nimal Dunuhinga 28 April 2009

This soft heart poet empathize, Oh! what an emotional poem? An emissary specially on everlasting love.

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