Feng Shui Poem by George Murdock

Feng Shui

Rating: 5.0

One day it was familiar but not home
it had turned that way
while he was at work
the first thing he noticed
were his matching sox
arranged symetrically in the corner
of a drawer which only contained sox
he searched several drawers
before locating his drawers
which had been assigned two levels down
he tried to find pattern to this arrangement
which hadn't been in thirty-eight years
usually he could find his drawers in a pile
nested near the unmatching sox
and now he straightened and noticed the bed
which had been turned, revealing darker paint
where the head once was
'It faces north now, the way it's supposed to'
He gazed at her in the blue lotus flower kimono
and she said ' You really should take off your shoes'
So he took off his shoes
sitting on the north headed bed
and looking up at a red paper dragon lantern
covering the bulb in the ceiling
Removing his shoes he stared at her
she looked like a geisha with a lot of make-up
and ivory sticks through her hair
' Things are going to change around you'
she said without smiling
'It looks like it has ' he said looking
at the dragon consuming a long legged bird
in a painting which now hung on the wall.

John Kay 01 December 2005

This is great, but I would cut the last two lines, ending on the image in the painting.

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G. Murdock 01 December 2005

Thanks John, I'll do that.

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Sonya Florentino 01 December 2009

this is so funny...but I shouldn't be laughing, maybe i need some feng shui in my life....that or get organized!

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Subroto Chatterjee 27 April 2009

Feng Shui is called 'Vaastu Shastra' in India. Ah, the beliefs we have! ! I do too... Good write, George. Very picturesque...Imaginative. Cheers. Subroto

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Patti Masterman 30 October 2006

I just love this writing. The last lines about the long legged bird (crane?) being consumed isjust so perfect. I do have to deal with the north- facing bed so it strikes a chord with me there too. The magnetic field is supposed to be leaving, so will they align their beds to the Pleiades? How interesting; -)

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Solomon Brook 13 December 2005

This was a well written poem in my opinion. I like the flow of your narration. Well done.

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Cynthia Aluning 13 December 2005

Geomancy is also an art, doesn't hurt to follow some, being an asian, I can perfectly relate with the theme of this poem. Chinese people lead their lives in this beliefs but it's really the person who is the master of his fate next to God. All the same, I respect and value each one's religion and never meant to contradict anyone's culture. The poem wasn't contradicting either...he was just being submissive to its nature as he kept wondering. Thanks for sharing this narrative poem. Good write and very awakening.

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