W Poem by George Murdock


Rating: 5.0

While bodies bloated in dark water
floated past news dinghys
W was making mincemeat
of Karl on the ping pong table
Karl complained about W’s catlike moves
“You can’t beat me outright turdblossom”
“I’m on my game “ he said in his faux Texas jibe
Karl knew better than to play right handed
“You two better break this up, it’s lunchtime”
said the fawning wife who winked at Karl
Karl let W's weak slam sink the game
“ Good game tubby” snickered W
Karl thought of the big game in Florida
which he’d rigged for a W win
He felt glowing pride after lunch
like the virtuoso and his prodigy
watching W get in the golf cart
“I’m driving cause' I’m the Prez” drawled W
Karl thought, “If you only knew”.

Michael Harmon 19 August 2009

A good political poem, with meat (not 'mincemeat') to it (lol) .

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Nimal Dunuhinga 30 March 2007

George you never hide the truth and that I admire you very much.

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fanniesson - 27 September 2006

\what I like about this poem piece even on the second read (I read it a day or two ago) \knowing the ending I still laugh A+ and i hate handing them out

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Hugh Cobb 30 December 2005

Right on target, George! Yes, the emperor has no clothes! A fine political portrait of our (not my) W.10 from me. Hugh, with best wishes for a joyous New Year!

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Ray Lucero 29 December 2005

George, Funny, chilling and all too true. Thanks, Ray Lucero

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