Bid Me Farewell Poem by Suresh Kumar EK

Bid Me Farewell

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Down here, beneath the shining sky,
On this trampled beach, I reached.
Let me stay a while here, I prayed,
Near a roscid rose of harbour garden,
To sing a solo about human existence.
Which comes throughtough struggles,
Bloody wars, hate, poverty, pandemics.

Many a distance have I crossed on this,
Voyage of life and death, bitter tastes,
Floating with the fate that slowly flows,
Waiting for the ages to come of efforts.
I can see the footprints of my ancestors,
The ways they carried life for all of us.

I know what perils they all have suffered,
Comparing to the silly deeds, I completed.
Receding and proceeding waves dash together,
Forming eddy currents of frothing white water.
Far beyond moves canvases on sailing boats,
A falcon flying overhead with it's ferocious,
Face searching for the victims on the lands.

The sea is now as hoyden, hugging her lover,
With her beautiful slim white hand, altogether.
Coloured clouds are scudding across the vast sky,
Changes to dark shades when the wind makes them fly.
Dears, it is time for me to say adieu from this shore,
My ship started its alarm, warns to leave the harbour.

After some time, the sight of the earth shall be lost
Only the mighty ocean surrounding in all directions.
Stars will show the path and watch their kids at night
Moon will smile to time at heights when it passes as life.
I am taking the effervescent and efflorescent feelings
Along with me, flinging up all my pleasures and illusions
Now bid me farewell, my beach mates and I take my leave.

Valsa George 02 December 2020

This adieu from one getting ready for a long voyage is powerfully penned! It could be a long distance journey across continents or a journey into eternity! Well done!

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Prasana Mp 20 November 2020

Our life is a voyage Come to shores But we have to go Artistically penned poem

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Varsha M 18 November 2020

Nostalgic sea Voyage which makes you miss human life on this land for sea is water and water all around. How will I not miss it full. A full of emotions a sailor has every time he goes to sea.

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