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On that blessed day in a cool spring,
Sitting under the Bodhi shade, at Gaya
Got that mindful divine experience,
When he saw the last shining star,
setting beyond the eastern horizon.

When the last twinkling star sank,
Night and starlight vanished slowly,
Birds started singing melodiously,

On every branch of flowery trees,
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Saturday, October 10, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: life
Mahtab Bangalee 11 October 2020

Buddha though changed everything by the powerful enlightenment knowledge but we, the present earth dwellers are far away from that lessons and practicing the teachings!

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Anil Kumar Panda 10 October 2020

A tough question really. Though we quote Buddha's teaching in every sphere of life we do not act accordingly. That is real cause of concern and brings war and sorrow. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful poem.

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Paul T P Burne 10 October 2020

Good description of Enlightenment that elusive state that takes so long to achieve but comes in a moment of truth and light and changes you forever more.

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Varsha M 10 October 2020

Because he is being suppressed Every time it guide But we chose to hear loud noise Ignoring the quiet words.

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Khairul Ahsan 25 October 2020

We have ceased to think, we have ceased our meditation. Enlightenment comes from meditation. Without meditation, we have become robots. Congratulations on your poem's selection as the 'Member Poem of the Day'!

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Sk Nambiar 18 December 2020

the comparison becomes relevant always

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prasanna 18 December 2020

poem worth reading again and again

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Dr Antony Theodore 17 December 2020

The earth was showered by rays, Sun was smiling to him kindly, Flowers spread fragrance around, Devine wisdom was suddenly ignited, In his mind to higher consciousness. Flowers, sun, earth, wisdom, divinity+ what all thoughts go through your mind dear Suresh. tony

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Prasana Mp 15 December 2020

The poem worth reading superb

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Sujadevi.B 06 December 2020

great, well said about nature, and natutre human through Budha

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