Big Issue... Poem by Steve Armstrong

Big Issue...

Rating: 5.0

I see him now, as I walk up,
in between the shopping stores,
and the cafés that litter the pavement ahead.

A man, nay, a boy, in his luminous orange vest,
with those three words: The Big Issue.
I hear his cry; 'Big Issue Sir? No? Have a nice day'
'Big issue madam? Your ok, have a nice day'

It makes me sick to my stomach,
to think that flesh and blood,
could be so ignorant and uncaring.
You can hear them as they go, muttering,
'Tsk, must be a druggie', or, 'it's their own fault'.

He sees me approach, and asks me,
'Nah thanks mate, I'm ok', I say.
Then I stop a few feet away,
The rain begins to pour down,
and this boy, is stood in it,
trying to make some money for food.

How could i be so heartless?
I run over to him, and hand him £2.
His face beams with a smile,
I think i may be his first customer today,
he dives in his change bag, and i stop him,
'It's ok mate, keep the change'.

He looks at me, with that look that people do,
as though i had given him the greatest thing in the world,
when to me, it was nothing.
I guess, even the little things matter when your on your own...

So next time you pass a homeless person,
stop and think, could you live rough?
Without the comforts of home,
without the luxuries that money brings...

Vanessa Brown 24 November 2005

Hey mate! such an amazing poem, i always feel like that. wen u walk down the street, people are so harsh, they cant give £1 to a homeless person..n lets face it, whats £1 in our lives? nothing! but its the world to poor people. nicely written! ! ! 10 from me :)

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Carolyn (Cy) Vuletic 21 November 2005

I remember when I lived in Edinburgh, there was this one particular guy who used to sell the Big Issue too, he always smiled at me and told me I have pretty eyes once on Chrismas Eve(when I was buying Strongbow at Tescos.) I used to think about him alot when I moved to London - Just reminicing - but a very straight, simple piece. Carolyn

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Mary Nagy 20 November 2005

I love this poem Stephen. Great work...........and a wonderful message. It is very similar to my 'Will Work for Food' poem. I really enjoyed this! Sincerely, Mary

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