Bigger Riddles Poem by Anna Polibina-Polansky

Bigger Riddles

I am sorry, I can't estimate the worthiness of your probably rich nature, but I can appreciate your traits, how UR in bed, starting with your face, but oftener, not with it, I'm sorry twice. I am unaccustomed to you, though I am somewhat enjoying your proportioned white flesh.
I wrote a page of how it is for me now, how it feels with her, why you are yet appealing, why you remembered me little whereas I was offended. It was a brief revelation of my physical customs with her, of why she feels now better than you. She gets me excited, and how will you struggle with a larger zion that hinders you at every breath taken? Why sholdn't I be sufficed with my current nights? I have lost the motivation. You keep me giddy I think, but I can't sacrifice my present piercing, breathtaking mode to what I can only guess of. It is this way, I can't lie at the edge of the zion. Grant me some motivation. Perhaps it will take you long to win me back. I am too accostomized to my dream. Can you comprise my another dream? I pose the same to myself.

Okay you needn't wear skirts all the time. But plz wear makeup and serve me a lady in bed.

Take my breath away. I am okay when contemplating you that nude. Phantasies.

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