Black Hole Poem by vanessa feliciano

Black Hole

Rating: 5.0

I'm changing
my heart turning to coal
changing into nothing
but a 'super massive black hole'
taking in all my emotions
and spitting back out nothing
someone give me a sign
some one show me something
that will let me know im safe
let me know im not loosing it
something that will change my fate
because all my emotions
have been ripped out whole
and my heart is now nothing
but a 'Super massive black hole'

Bernard Snyder 04 October 2011

I'm feeling' you on this one Vanessa! ! Very talented lady you are! Don't forget to check out some of my poems as well and give props' as you see fit please! Thanks again for sharing such fine work!

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7he N0153 4nd 7he Fur9 14 January 2010

taking in all my emotions and spitting back out nothing This is a great observation on life in general, like the neverending mountain we seem to be climbing constantly, but yet not ascending an inch. Great poem you feel so much, and have a great ability to describe it! !

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nature 360 14 January 2010

You have beautifully used the black hole very nicely to let out your emotions. Like a black hole you take everything giving out nothing. I did hear some one say there is tranquility on the other side of the black hole. Lol Is there no peace for me in the universe? is what I think you would say.

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