Black In America Poem by THEODORE MOSLEY

Black In America

America, America, America; freedom enforced and enslaved our freedom of birthrights.

America where is the promises that were made over 245 years ago.

America, America the great had hidden clauses for humans unknown for their Declaration of Independence.

Your Declaration of Independence was written on the ashes of Black bodies and souls.

You worshipped our humanistic ways until we exhaled; Blue Lives Matter law extracted our life with their law of dying to inhale.

America, America; the earth is the LORD'S, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.

Who gave you dominion over another human? Who told you your words were graved in stone? Did your finger engraved the 'Ten Commandments'.

Your protest of our protest warranted no sanctions of truth!

Tribes of Kings, tribes of Queens with Prince and Princess; dignified in culture; dignified in talking; dignified in life!

Your horticulture of purpose; your domestic tutoring; your eclipse of rights; your grandeur of teaching; the Black Man and Black Woman way of life is not your domain of chastisement.

Black in America is worse than dogs returning to its vomit; Black in America is the coalition of your truth; Black in America is the whispers of democracy blooming in the wind.

Written by Theodore Mosley
January 19,2021

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