Black Panther

Rating: 5.0

Midnight black and majestic his swagger is strong and elegant in his domain of life.

With precision and fluidness he moves from the sky to the earth.

Feared and adored the sounds of his contentions are heard in the power of his legs.

Agile and with the mobility of swift gazelles his direction is guaranteed in time.

He delights in battle with the quickness of a cobra that strikes with cunning eyes.

Seen as a threat because of his color he is hunted for the beauty of his fur that forsakes his living.

Stunning with the gift of melanism their culture is artistic and beautiful with each step they make.

Made for the earth to see their black beauty they escape the chastisement of mankind with simplicity.

Their moves are like a harmonious ballet dancer in the wild; the dynamics of their movements are like melodies of synchronized swimming.

They embrace life with their marvelous display of longevity of black pride.

Respected in the journey of life their revolution brings about the survival of their species.

Skillful in nature as a warrior; articulate with the sound of his walk; sleek and smooth the Black Panther is a rare treasure.

Written by Theodore Mosley
June 12,2017

panther 27 September 2019

I get that beautiful

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Dave Walker 29 October 2018

The grace of something so powerful is a sight to behold. A great write.

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