Blackberrying Poem by Sylvia Plath


Rating: 3.8

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Delilah Miller 25 May 2008

I agree with Jim. Read her book, The Bell Jar and anyone could the amazing talent, resilance and impatience all contained in one woman once considered so lost. X's and O's

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Not a member No 4 11 February 2007

'Too bad about the oven'; 'Too bad she didn't have the strength of character to overcome her wish to die'! Where am I? On some planet where people have bricks where their brains should be? Why not appreciate the poetry for its superlative qualities, and make the reasonable assumption that we don't really have much of an idea why some people take their lives - especially those who are supremely gifted and who clearly have the ability to weigh the options they perceive with great care and sensitivity, and having perhaps chosen what appears to be the rational course (rightly or wrongly is beyond our capacity to judge unless we know all the facts and have an ethical standpoint to judge from that is objective and utterly beyond reproach - not yet devised, and almost certainly undevisable, particularly by the brickheads who appended the earlier comments) saw that choice through to its logical conclusion - no mean feat of courage, requiring perhaps considerable strength of character! !) . As readers of poetry we lost as a result, but she owed us nothing. What we have gained gratuituously is poetry of great power and insight. This may not be her very best work but I'd guess that most reviewers would prefer that it had been written rather than not. Another gem in my view from a very impressive writer and commentator on this complex life and world. I'm sad that she went so early, but I wouldn't dream of condemning her for doing it. Her life. Her choice. And that is far from being a brickhead statement! jim hogg.

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Bill Buckley 11 February 2006

Such a life so full of potential and gifted beyond measure. Too bad she didn't have the strength of character to overcome her wish to die.

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J P Klegg 29 June 2005

I have read this several times. She must mention eight different colors. Too bad about the oven. Great writer.

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Sylvia Plath

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